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    How does it work?

    Bullit is a highly secure, created container for any type of file. System algorithms create the file to produce a Bullit file-type.

    Drop a file and the system will automatically decrypt it if it is a Bullit file. Any other file types can be created for specific recipients.

    The next step allows users to download the Bullit file in order to share or save it. It also allows the user to attach the Bullit file to an email to those specific users.

    In the case of uploading a Bullit file, users will be directed to the decryption tool with an interface that allows them to preview the original file.

    Upload Bullit File to Decrypt.


    Bullit is the easiest service available to send something secure.... no frills, no fuss, just function.

    Coming Soon

    Bullit's roadmap of upcoming new features takes a world class product to a whole new level.

    Text Notification

    Every time your Bullit is opened, the system will instantly notify you via SMS Text, telling you what was viewed, where and when.



    The Radar function allows you to view exactly where your Bullit went, giving a visual way to see and control live and on demand.


    Multi Signature

    If you have a very sensitive Bullit you may want two or more parties to allow access to the Bullits content



    Safeguard your content with a Watermark on every page of your document. This will allow tracking of any downloaded or printed files.



    Safeguard your content with a Blockmark. Every page will have a proof of ownership marker recorded on the blockchain.


    Blockchain Recorded

    Every activity concerning your Bullit is recorded on the Blockchain. Proof of delivery, openings, terminations and all other activity.



    If your Bullit is sensitive, you might want the receiver to authenticate via two factor authentication (text).


    Super User

    Administrative User controlling employee accounts. Allows standardisation of terms and conditions and data usage etc.


    Group Statistics

    Super User can view statistics on employee accounts in their control. Easy activity monitoring of teams or departments.


    Data Optimisation

    If one user has not used up their allocation of data, it will be added to the rest of the group data.



    Own branding is available to add your corporate identity and give a uniformed brand for you organisation.


    Data Residency

    Choose where you want your data to reside. Our severs, your own servers, specific or multiple geographic territories.


    Sign up safe in the knowledge that only your intended receiver can open your content and only upon acceptance of your terms and conditions. Control printing, downloads, forwarding and set expiry dates. Harvest the email addresses of every receiver. Your content can be sent in plain sight on your preferred method of communication, with no one dictating how you should do things and no disruption to your existing workflow.

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    Bullit is a new service that eradicates the need for Secure File Transfer, Secure Email and Secure Data Storage, consolidating them into one single easy-to-use app.